Soap Saver - Natural Fiber Loofah Pouch

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The Soap Saver - Natural Fiber Loofah Pouch

  • If you're a seasoned bar soaper you know that sometimes they can get a bit messy. Toward the end of their lives they can get a little sticky and hard to hold which isn't what anybody wants to deal with on a Monday morning. Luckily, this soap saver loofah pouch is the bomb.
  • Made from Natural Sisal Fiber it helps give you gentle, daily exfoliation AND helps your bar soap last longer. Thus, your shower stays goop and mess free. not to mention its much easier to hold than  a slippery soap bar.
  • Plus, after you're finished using, its completely compostable! Great for you and the environment.


  • Exfoliating
  • Helps your bar soap last longer
  • No sticky, soapy mess
  • Easy to hold
  • Earth friendly & vegan friendly

Made with: 

  • Natural Sisal Fiber 


  • Squeeze out remaining water & hang to dry
  • Use for 1-2 months before discarding
  • Wash out well before switching to a new bar
  • Remember to compost!