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Cayla Gray Everything Spray

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  • Our Everything Sprays can be used on your body, in your car or home, on linens, literally everything!
  • BOURBON SCENT: Tobacco leaves draped in cedarwood barns deeply sweet burbon driving down backroads. Scent notes; Smoked bourbon, tobacco, leather, cedar, patchouli, vanilla, and dark plum. 
  • WINTER SCENT:  The perfect holiday scent which is bound to transport you to family celebrations and time spent together. Fill your home with more than memories in the upcoming season with our new favorite smokey, earthy and woodsy fragrance. Smokey fires in snow, sweet earthly dirt, and walks in the pine forest. Scent notes; Siberian pine, balsam, smoked cedar, stone fruit.

Made in the USA

Cayla Gray Everything Spray
Cayla Gray Everything Spray Sale price$38.00