Twisted Silver Go-To Ring

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Size One Size

Color Brass

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  • The GO-TO Ring is ideal for everyday wear thanks to its stylish yet subtle design.
  • Adjustable.

Materials & Care

  • Brass
  • Keep away from liquids and chemicals
  • Tarnishing is totally natural! Brass is "alive" so it is reacting to the oils on our skin, the elements we live in, etc. But, the brass doesn't react the same way on everyone. For example, some people find their jewelry darkens. And, some people love that look. But, others find that their brass actually brightens. The good news is, it's super easy to polish back up if you prefer that brighter brassy look. We love to use a polishing cloth.  It has a compound that breaks down those elements that cause tarnishing on the surface of the metal. You can also use a bit of white vinegar on a rag. This method will break down the darkness but won't necessarily brighten the metal so it may be a bit more dull than if you used the polishing cloth.