Rose Gold Sunless Double Sided Velvet Tanning Mitt

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  • What you put your self-tanner ON WITH is the make-it-or-break-it to a smooth beautiful tan.  Fighting with ineffective applicators is just going to be frustrating and make you feel like you are not good at self-tanning. We promise it's not you--it's your tanning glove. Time to break up with that old tanning mitt!
  • Waterproof to keep your hands clean and tan-free
  • Won't absorb all your self-tanning mousse but will glide the product onto your skin streak-free
  • Hand washable and re-useable--these LAST if you wash them out!   


  • Start with clean dry skin--we don't want any leftover perfume, lotion, or deodorant hanging out on your skin. Lightly apply unscented lotion to any dry areas including hands/wrists, feet/ankles, elbows, and knees. Shake your Rose Gold Sunless Self Tanning Mousse gently and then pump the whipped tanning foam onto the mitt. Buff evenly into your skin using circular motions until your skin is savagely tan and even.


  • We suggest hand washing your velvet tanning glove after each use to remove any extra mousse. Use a mild liquid soap in your sink and rinse thoroughly. Then gently squeeze out any excess water. Reshape the tanning glove and slide it over your Rose Gold self-tanning mousse bottle to dry.