Natural Handmade Soap Bundle

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Material The Ballerina Natural Soap Bar with Soap Saver Bag

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  • One Bar of Natural Handmade Soap and a Soap Saver Bag. Perfect combo to give as a gift or for yourself!  Choice of 2 scents.
  • The Ballerina Natural Handmade Soap Bar (Rose and Vanilla Scent)
  • The Wildflower Natural Handmade Soap Bar (Lilac, and Lavender Scent)
  • Vegan Friendly & Palm Oil Free.
  • Soap Saver Loofah bag is made from natural sisal fiber and helps your bar soap last longer.  Also helps with gentle, daily exfoliation.  Completely compostable.


  • For Soap, when not in use, store in a dry spot
  • For Loofah bag, squeeze out remaining water and hang to dry, use for 1-2 months before discarding
  • Wash out well before switching to a new bar
  • Remember to compost!