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Size Scented Body Oil

Color Muse

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  • Sweet and floral scent - Coconut | Peony | Magnolia | Bergamot | Sandalwood | Amber 

Scented Body Oil

  • Silky and fragrant neck to toe body oil is going to keep you going back for more. Take a long hot bath apply some oil to your skin, and slip into something cozy. This body oil is going to elevate your skins moisture levels. our oil will deliver nourishing ingredients for a healthy glow while also leaving behind a beautiful scent.

Scented Spray Lotion

  • Welcome to milky. You're never going to be able to go back to traditional lotions ever again. So smooth and soft, our Milky Spray Lotion is going to make you feel luxurious and perfectly moisturized. Our Milky formula is light and absorbs into your skin effortlessly without any excess greasy residue. 

Roll On Fragrance

  • Our concentrated roll-on fragrances look small but last a long time. They are pure fragrant oils containing no carrier/filler oils. A dab on the neck and swipe on the wrists will keep you smelling great all day.